Property Attributes

Specific property attributes contribute to the connectivity profile of a site. These attributes include:

  • riser access & availability
  • secure equipment locations
  • availability of building entry points
  • secure cable paths
  • landlord provided internet services
  • WiFi in common areas

Any or all of these may be relevant subject to a client’s unique brief.

Mobile Connectivity

Mobile connectivity is critical to the successful operation of any business. While smartphones have the capability to use different technologies to access connectivity the primary source of voice communications remains the cellular mobile networks.

With over 80% of mobile calls made indoors mobile service is a key characteristic of the connectivity profile of office space.

Internet Connectivity

Internet Service Providers are a primary source of broadband connectivity in the workplace.

Identifying the presence of a preferred service provider in a new location can save valuable time and money. An inventory of service providers may also support a diversity / redundancy strategy subject to a client’s requirements